Sunday, May 2

How To Make Money Writing Articles You Like

Yes. You can now write your very own paycheck. Let me show you how...

This business is simple. This business is fun. This business can help you start making some money today…

Before we proceed, let me tell you what you don’t need.

You don’t need any money…yes you need no money to start. You don’t need a website. You don’t even need to have a laptop or PC for that matter…

Sounds nice huh? I bet.

Now let me tell you what you definitely will be needing.

You need to have writing ability coupled with a passionate willingness to write. You must be ready to churn out nice, solid and quality articles as often as possible.

That is it. That is all you need to start the interesting process of writing your own paycheck today!

So if you are ready to start click here to register now.

Once you register, you just go ahead and create your first article which is called a hub.

A hub is simply an article on ANY matter of your interest. You can add texts, pictures and even videos to hubs you create. Note the web address URL that will be assigned to this article or hub you just created. You will be using it later for the registration into the Google Adsense program from where you will be getting paid.

For example, this link is the URL of a hub I wrote on the hubpages site on the issue of the types of mind games that men do play on women.

Now you are good to go. Click on ‘My Account’ to sign up for Google Adsense program. Click on ‘My Affiliate Setting’ and you will see where you will be able to sign up to Google Adsense.

In case you don’t know, Google Adsense is an advertising program by the big guys Google Inc. themselves where they pay website owners (that is you) to display adverts on your site.

What is happening here is that after you post or publish your articles which are called hubs, Google will be displaying adverts related to your article on your hub. If people click on these adverts, you get paid.

Simple enough? Oh yeah!

But you have to be aware that you are NOT SUPPOSED to click the ads yourself or even encourage people to click on the ads on your hubs. If you do, Google will BAN you from the Google Adsense program for life! Don’t ask me how they will know you did because they will. There is no two way about that!

So when you are signing up for Google Adsense, Google will ask you to provide your website URL. You will now enter the website address assigned to that particular hub you created. Continue with providing Google with your real information. Remember to write your name they way it appears in your bank account. This is very important because they will be sending your check to the address you provided using the name format you provided.

After you are through with the registration, then get prepared to wait for Google to approve your application. This might take a day or two. If you are lucky and you get approved, you are safe!

Now continue to write sensible and quality hubs.

Note that there are also many other nice ways you can still make money from your hubs. But you just get started first to get the hang of the whole thing. 

I tell you it is fun. Remember, it's business too...It is business. If you run into any difficulty which I know you won’t, you can always contact me by sending me an email at

That will be all…for now.

Thank you.

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