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Improving Your Intelligence the Simple Ways

There is a great need for us as people to increase or improve our intelligence. Intelligence here is simply defined as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge so you can imagine a world filled with intelligent people i.e. a world where intelligence rules! The benefits will be too much for us to enjoy. Efficiency and productivity will become the new order of the day both in our individual lives and workplaces too. Technological advancement will be achieved within a small space of time.

Now, becoming more intelligent is a function of exercising the brain. It involves the daily or constant challenging of the brain. To increase your intelligence, you have to challenge your brain by doing old routines in new ways. The ability of improving our memory is also a greater part of improving our general intelligence. According to medical researches and studies, exercising your brain can improve memory and reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

But the big question is how can one actually increase his/her intelligence? Are there some simple ways through which it can be done?

The answer is yes. In fact, you can doing it right from this very moment by applying these methods listed in the following discussion.

Read a lot.
By reading a lot, I mean a lot! You have to increase your capacity for reading. Many students are in the habit of reading only when their exams are approaching while some others read only what they are taught or things that must read because it is in their curricular but listen to me now, I am telling you from my own experience that it is a very bad habit and it is not enough to improve your intelligence.

You have to learn and get ready to become versatile in your reading. The fact that you are studying Medicine in school does not mean that you should not know one or two things on politics.

When was the last time you read a novel? Or even newspaper or magazine? I guess, a long time ago? You see? You now see what I am trying to say?

Many people have complained to me bitterly that they find it hard to read stuffs like novels and but I just shake my head in pity for them because it is obvious they don’t even know the extent of the harm they are doing to themselves.

Probably they have failed to realize the truth in that wise saying by Margaret Fuller that “today a READER, tomorrow a LEADER!”

When you read, you get to “see” so many places and it will be as if you have visited those places in real life. This is because reading will improve your imagination and creativity and understanding. You also get experience from learning about how people dealt with their various problems thereby saving you from going through the pains and difficulties they must have gone through!

Reading will also help you in improving your vocabulary because you will certainly start coming across so many new words which you will try as much as possible to get accustomed to with the help of the dictionary and encyclopedia! The good thing about increasing your vocabulary is that it will also improve your thinking capacity after all, we think in words and the more words you know, the easier it will become for you to express yourself or your thoughts.

And when you read, make sure you read so wide because the more you read the more you know and the more you know the more intelligent you can become.
It is as simple as that.

Learn To Use Both Hands
For you to improve your intelligence, like I have earlier stated, you must be ready to challenge your brain by doing old routines in new ways. It is a simple trick that will surely improve your intelligence because one problem we will always face with our brains is its seemingly inability to accept new changes but when you “force” it to do so, you will be surprised to find out that it can even help us to more than we have ever imagined. That way, you become more and more intelligence in the process…

So it’s time to trick your brain. You can start now by practicing to use both hands. You should get into the habit of using the other hand instead of the normal one you have been using since birth. Most people are right handed, so that means most of us will have to start learning how to use our left hand and vice versa, if you a natural leftie!

Next time you want to write with your usual right or left hand, try switching the pen to the other hand and scribble away. When you want to reach for your remote control or press some buttons on the remote, try doing it with the other hand that you are not used to.

It will be too uphill at first but with time, your system will start adapting to this whole new way of doing things until one day, you find out that your abilities have been multiplied. Tomorrow, try brushing your teeth with the other hand you are not accustomed with.

Take my word, for it. I have done it and it works. You might think it is ridiculous but I tell you it could be fun. I wasn’t a natural leftie but today, I always smile with a mischievous pride when most people think I am and even people who knew me before experience the new me writing away with my left hand! I even think some of them envy me without knowing that they can also do it!

The reason why it is also necessary you improve your intelligence this way is simply because it can help you balance your brain capacity while bringing out the best from you.

Scientists and psychologists have made us believe that a higher developed right part of the brain is responsible for people becoming left handed and this part of the brain is usually associated with creativity, daydreaming and imaginations while a higher developed left part of the brain which makes one to become right handed is usually concerned with logic and reasoning.

So what it means is that if you are able to develop both parts of the brain by using both hands, you get the best deal of becoming a logically reasoning creator filled with lots and lots of imaginations!

But you don’t have to even stop with learning how to use both hands; in fact, the whole point of tricking your brain to become more intelligence relies on your ability to do old things in a new way.

So maybe when next time, try to take a different route to work.

Increase your curiosity
Curiosity, they say will kill a monkey. It will get you into so many problems. It is of no use trying to know something when you are not going to make use of that very information. You will only waste your time trying to find out why so, so and so things happen.

These are the various types of statements you will surely come across when you start getting curious about things that are going around you but the good news I am bringing to you right now is that although those statements might sound true depending on the present situation you may find yourself in right now, please always bear it in mind that some of those people who are telling to mind your curiosity are mostly doing that out of fear, guilt, ignorance and even worse, out of social conditioning.

Bottom line: They don’t even know the answer. And sometimes, they don’t even know that they don’t know the answer and that’s what I call pure ignorance!

Please my dear friend, now’s the best time to get curious. Start asking questions in your class and in your homes. Don’t be afraid to do this. Remember, those who truly seek will surely find. Getting curious is also one way to get inventive.

Ask questions because you might not know where the next world changing idea like Facebook might come from. Remember, it only takes one superior idea to make all the necessary great transformations you have always dreamt about and wish for throughout your life!

And such ideas can only come from the questions you asked out of curiosity.
Curiosity will always improve your intelligence because it will always get you thinking. And thinking will always get you asking questions and from there you will surely start getting some answers. And those answers will surely go a long way in helping you most especially if you are on the path of improving your knowledge and your mind likewise.
You see the pattern there? Of course, everything is tailored towards improving your intelligence and in creating the new powerful you!

Learn a New Language
Learning a new language will also help you in getting your brain to think differently and improve your intelligence in the process.

The advantages of learning a new language can be quite vast. You learn new cultures and how languages are related. You expand your horizon and world view. You learn how to communicate effectively and express yourself better by improving your vocabulary even more.

Imagine being able to spring that surprise on someone who never had the idea that you understand his or her language, no matter how little you can! Imagine yourself becoming a very powerful translator! Your value will definitely increase because translators are always in demand, most especially in the international scene!

People will easily identify that you are very intelligent because being able to speak in another tongue suggests a lot of things to so many people. It means that you have been around and you have gathered so many experiences from the places you must have visited. Believe me; if not for anything, a lot of respect can come with that disposition.

Become interested in Mathematics
This one can be quite tricky because many people will always be ready to come up with one or more reasons why they hate math.

So it is always going to be risky and difficult telling someone to become interested in what s/he has no interest in but here, for the sake of improving your intelligence please I am pleading with you to get interested in mathematics - now.

This is because mathematics is all about thinking in problems and providing their solutions and improving your intelligence in the process. Even if you think you can get away by shying away from math, please remember that you are always applying mathematics in your daily life so becoming interested in math will always help you in doing your everyday mental calculations whenever the need arises.

Some people find math difficult because they are not being taught the subject that well or in an interesting manner but if I will still like to believe that when it comes to becoming interested in math, where there’s a will, there’s a way!


Of course! When you finally decide to take that pain to become more interested in math, you will see that you will be able to make that extra effort to understand the subject a little bit more.

And from that little more, a whole lot of progress of getting your intelligence increased will be set in motion.

Learn a [new] computer program
In line with becoming interested in mathematics, this one will sound like a lot of work, most especially for someone who has a poor mathematics background but the truth is that if you will surely improve your intelligence so much just by learning a [new] computer program.

Take it from me, learning a computer programming language is not as difficult as you might have imagined or heard and it even becomes easier for you once you have mastered just one because most computer programming languages are so related. All you need is the will and zeal to get started at once! There are so many resources and online forums where you can get help from assuming you run into some problems in the course of your learning.

Many people actually are self-taught programmers so don’t use the fact that you don’t have a good computer programming teacher as an excuse on why you have decided not to learn a new computer program, especially if you are a novice in computers.
In the same vein, don’t use the excuse that you are not in computer science or engineering fields as an excuse because if you can be able to realize the potentials that await you once you become a programmer, you might even drop your current course to study software development and programming!

Trust me!

Today our world is becoming a global village and everything is gradually becoming internet based so as a student who wants to improve his or her intelligence, nothing should stop you from learning about website designing too. Who knows? You might even become a big time self-employed self made millionaire while you are still in school and even after your graduation just with your knowledge of computer programming and website design without any need to start hustling for jobs like many other people out there who are seriously lacking in those skills!

Computer programs are all about implementing algorithms which are simply logic aimed strictly at making you become a problem solver who can actually provide solutions and in a world where solution providers are always wanted, you inherently transform yourself into an automatic hot cake.

Are you still wondering now why programmers are always in high demand? You better stop wondering and do something about becoming one now!

Practice or take up playing a musical instrument

I have read that the ability to play any musical instrument has a way of helping us improve our intelligence.

This is simply because music as the food for soul is also so much about timing and coordination and as someone who can play any musical instrument of your choice so well, you are offering yourself the ability to become so coordinated and organized in your life while enjoying what you do.
Remember, there are so many other factors that can also be considered when it comes to improving one’s intelligence. Things like mental exercises doing crossword puzzles and other brain-teasers, playing games like monopoly or chess can also go a long way in doing this for you.

Some people also say that physical exercises will also help in keeping someone sharp, fit and intelligent as well as watching less TV but I don’t want to dwell on those facts because it all comes down to simple individual difference and I recognize that there are always choices to be made.

And I wish one of such choices you have to make now is to improve your intelligence…

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