Monday, January 28

How to score high in JAMB UTME

Congratulations. So you are also among those who want to know how to score high in JAMB UTME?

Hhm...that's good to hear! You are here because, let me guess...

You are preparing for JAMB for the first time and you want to learn how to pass this JAMB UTME and gain direct admission into the university one time without any stories, am I right?

Or maybe you are here because either your child, your brother or sister or someone you know is going to write this year's JAMB UTME and you want to know how to help him or her pass this very examination without cheating and also without tears after you have seen how hard it is becoming for so many people to gain admission into the tertiary institutions these days?

Or most likely you are tired of being a JAMB customer every year and you want to know what to do (or what you have not been doing right) so as to make this year's JAMB your last and final attempt by becoming successful this year?

In fact, you might even be here just to discover how to scale through in any aptitude examination similar to JAMB?

But you might have ONE very big problem now. Let's look at it closely...


Listen to me. I don't blame you for being afraid. When I checked the recent statistics for the 2011 UTME results as released by JAMB, I knew that indeed, there is fire on the mountain!

According to the figures as seen on this Vanguard Source, a total of 1,493,604 candidates who sat for the UTME examination are seeking for admission into the 500,000 available spaces in the nation's tertiary institutions.

Out of that number, 495,426 candidates scored between 200-249 while 67,732 scored between 250-269. 31,444 others scored between 270-299 marks.

Now listen to this. Out of the total number of candidates that took that exam, a total of 842,851 candidates scored below 200 marks while just 2,892 candidates scored 300 marks and above!

This simply means that while more than 50% of those who took the exam didn't make it up to 200, just less than 1% of them got 300 and above!!!

OK. Now look at those figures again and see if you observe the pattern there. Did you notice anything?

You don't need any magician to tell you that the higher you score the brighter your chances of gaining admission this year!
That is the simple secret why many people don't make it after everything. They fail to score very high!

Which is what brings us here.

So all you have to do is to give me just a little bit of your time and hear me out because I will be telling you everything you need to know on how to overcome this JAMB wahala, once and for all by scoring very high รข€“ and then gain admission into the university sharp sharp!

But first, let's start from the beginning. Why should you even consider scoring very high in JAMB?
Like we have just identified, scoring high is still the surest and safest way of gaining direct admission into any Nigerian tertiary institution. By scoring high, you won't have any reason to worry about seeing your name in the primary admission list. I don't need to explain this any further. I know you know this is true!

But that's not all.

Do you know that many people who finally gain admission into the university do not read the course they originally entered for in their JAMB forms? Many people end up in their respective courses either because they didn't score high enough to be considered in the primary list of their preferred courses.

So they are just bidding time to see if they will be able to change their course after their first or second year but history and experience has shown that because of the rigours and the intricacies involved in changing courses in most schools, not so many students are able to do this which means that some students will just end up studying courses that was never their choice without any satisfaction or motivation to study or learn!

Hoping to get into your second choice course is not even assured these days because the competition there could be fierce too...


You can easily avoid ALL these sorry situations by scoring high!

Since most schools combine both the JAMB UTME and the Post- UTME in giving admission, common sense will show that if you really score so high in the JAMB UTME, you will definitely boost your chances of securing that admission you are seeking. So scoring high in JAMB UTME becomes a MUST!

From my own experience, I am also aware that when a candidate scores very high mark in JAMB without cheating or resorting to any form of examination malpractice, his or her confidence and belief in him or herself receives a great boost! When you do it by yourself, you will instinctively know that no matter what happens, you will always be able to do it again and again and again anytime you are faced with such big task particularly when you finally enter the university.

Ok. Let me now tell you one secret you may not know on why you should score high in JAMB. Do you know that most, if not all the students who are normally shortlisted for SCHOLARSHIPS from companies like MTN Foundation (MTNF), Mobil, Chevron, Total, Agip etc. are those who scored high in JAMB UTME!

I guess you never knew that, huh?

So with all these advantages of scoring high, why then do you think many candidates don't score high enough in JAMB? Is it that they don't know how to do it or they don't know what to do?

It is not because they do not have an idea of the type of questions they are going to be asked in the exam. Of course, there are so many past JAMB question papers lying around everywhere!

It is not because they didn't prepare enough. I am sure quite a large number of candidates preparing for JAMB do attend serious extra-mural classes.

It's not because the candidates were taken unawares by JAMB because JAMB will always announce the exam-date months before the exam holds.

And don't tell me it's bad luck because I know it is not!!!! In fact, personally I don't even like to subscribe to the idea of bad luck!

So what then is the problem? What is it that is preventing so many JAMB candidates from scoring high in the examination? What is it that is responsible for making so many people to keep on writing this examination year in year out? And what can one do to avoid such problems?


You are lucky because today you are getting ALL your answers in just a matter of a few minutes from now and you will be surprised it is NOT what you think!!!



In this simple PDF-guide written in a very simple and easy to understand English, you will be shown
  • The proven strategies that will guide you towards scoring high in this year's JAMB UTME.
  • The major reasons why so many students fail JAMB and how to avoid making those same mistakes.
  • You will learn the necessary things to do on the exam day and inside the exam hall to guide you towards this great goal of scoring very high.
In fact, the winning formula for preparing and scoring high in JAMB UTME without cheating or examination malpractice will simply be revealed to you.

So it's decision time...
Are you ready to take your chances by taking that very first step NOW?

Are you ready to see what you have been doing wrongly that has prevented you from not only getting admitted into your choice university or polytechnic but also from getting admitted into your choice course?

Are you ready to say bye-bye to JAMB by making this year's JAMB UTME your last?

Are you ready to profit from my own experience and those of my friends who all scored high just like me using these same basic, practical and simple principles?

Then thank your lucky stars because...

Your search ends here and now!

I have got some great good news for you.

First, you can now download Simple, Secret and Practical Steps on How To Score High And Never Write JAMB Again for FREE!

Oh yes, you heard me right.

I am so serious. That very small information packed eBook use to sell for N1000 (one thousand Naira) is now FREE!

So tell your friends, tell all your loved ones, tell all those whom you know are going to write the exam next year. In fact, tell anybody who really wants to know what to do to write JAMB UTME only once to come and see what he or she needs to do to score high and pass once and for all without any need to cheat in the exams.

The earlier they know about it, the better for them to get prepared for the subsequent JAMB UTME that is surely coming!
Tell them to come and profit from my own experience and the experience of all my friends who also scored high using these same basic, easy and practical principles.

Just click on the link below to view it now. You can also save it on your own computer to view it later.

That's the good news. So what are you waiting for? Click on that download link to get started immediately!

Wishing you all the best and…

Congratulations in advance.


  1. Thanks man, I've downloaded and read your pdf. Please answer my question ASAP. I bought jamb form this year, at the place I bought it they didn't give me any writing materials. Are they going to give me on the UTME day at my centre? In ur pdf, u wrote that on the question paper - instructions, electronic calculator won't be allow, how true? For the part of the Four Figures Table, should I take it from my house to the centre?

    1. Thanks for reading.

      Yes, the writing materials will be given to you in the examination hall i.e. the question papers and the answer sheet which is a shading paper.

      The use of calculator is not allowed but I think of recent JAMB now provides candidates with calculators but that doesn't stop you from taking you Four Figure Table to the examination center if you can.

      Make sure you apply those strategies listed in that PDF. It will certainly work for you, hopefully.

      Good luck.

  2. Mr. Emmy you are too much. I'll like to know you better. My fear is the high rate of expo that will be showcased that day, I may get distracted and confused buh I'll always remember your advice. Three days to go. . . God Help Me!

  3. I forgot to post my testimony, I got 248 in the UTME. Thanks once again, Emmy. I'll be writing my Post UTME soon.

    1. Congratulations.

      I hope you even higher in the Post UTME, if you study harder.

      Once again, congrats.



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