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How to score high in Post JAMB

You have really come a long way. You have written that terrible JAMB and you have passed.

I hope you passed, huh?

Okay. But something else remains. There is still one more road to cross - the Post UTME, of course!

Of course, you still have to scale through in that Post UTME, or post JAMB as many prefer to call it before you finally get admitted into your choice tertiary institution.

And that is where all your troubles start to manifest once more.

Of course, to some people, passing the post UTME can even be a much more difficult task more than passing JAMB itself for the obvious reasons:

    1.  Post UTME has no actual format.        
    2.  Each university or polytechnic has a way of organizing theirs.
    3.  The cut off marks may not be clearly stated.

So your problems begin, most especially if you are writing the exam for the first time.

But it is not supposed to be that way. Something has to be done. There must be a way in which you can still overcome all those problems stated above and still score high in your Post UTME.

Which is why you are here?

So listen up. This year's 2012 post UTME is going to be very competitive which is why you have to be so serious about it. If you take a closer look at the results that was released by JAMB this year, the number JAMB candidates that were able to score between 200 and 300 are much more than what was obtainable in past years.

This means that so many candidates are going to be vying for the admission slot with you and it is going to be fiercer battle this which means that you really have to score high to improve your chances.

Is that understood?

Fine. The following are the methods with which you can simply score high in your Post UME.

Start preparations on time
You will always find me mentioning this. Don't blame me. It is one of the most efficient strategies for surviving since ages. Nothings beats getting adequately prepared for anything you are about to encounter!

As a student, I know that most of us like to start preparing when the exam is so close. In fact, many people have confessed to me that they can only start to understand what they are reading if and only if the exam is two weeks away!

I understand but the problem with that formula is that it is not all of us that have the ability to cram.

Besides, cramming can easily lead to your brain becoming overloaded which means that you might even suffer from confusion, anxiety and unnecessary fear simply because of memory failure.

So the only way you can easily bypass that terrible condition is if and only if, you start preparations in time.


Fine. Let's move on.

How to get prepared
Like we have earlier identified, post UTME has no standardization! The problem in there is that you are not so sure of what they are going to ask you in the examination. I have even heard of situations where the students were given questions which were way much harder than what they faced in JAMB but I have also heard about some Post UTME exams where the students were just asked to write their names and surprisingly, some couldn't!

Maybe it was confusion. Maybe it was too much dependence on expo. I don't just know.


This is what you need to know now. These are some things that will really help you a great deal.

1. You know that the post UTME is not much more different from JAMB UTME   
hence the name.

2. You know the school you are fighting to get admitted into.

That's all.

Since you know that there is no much difference between JAMB UTME and the post JAMB, that simply means that you now have a little idea where to start.

But it is not enough.

Since you now know the school you want to get admitted into, that means you can now have an idea of the nature of the exam.
Some schools demand that the Post UTME candidates write inside the question papers which means that you may not get to see anything like past question papers from such schools.

But that shouldn't discourage you because you can always ask someone.

Try and get someone who wrote the exam previously and ask him or her the type of questions that were asked, get him or her to tell you the time for the examination and also get him to tell you the number of questions they were asked. Let the person tell you if the questions asked where objective or subjective or a combination of both. Ask him if the use of calculator is allowed or not. Let them tell you if it is going to be any shading or not. Get as much information from someone who has done the same exam in that same school you intend to get admitted into.

Armed with such information, believe me, you are one foot in!

The preparation
Now it's time to get ahead. You still have your immediate JAMB question paper, am I right? Or have you discarded it away already?

Just grab that question paper right now. You can start your revisions from there. Start going through it once more now.

You know there are some questions that I believe you didn't get right during the JAMB UTME exam, am I right?

Now don’t you think it will be a very bad thing and a clear sign of being a very unserious student if by some stroke of luck or chance or whatever, you see those questions again and you still fail them, huh?

Since the post UTME exam is still somehow similar to JAMB UTME, I suggest you should read this small eBook on how to score high in JAMB UTME as it will help you pass the post UTME very well if you follow and apply the necessary steps which have been outlined in the eBook. You can even start reading it right now by clicking the link below to download it right now.

Start now to apply the laid down guidelines in the small piece of information and let's see why you won’t be successful this time around.

Wishing you all the best!

Good luck.

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