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Organized mind: The first step towards self improvement

One of the best things you could do for yourself is to acquire an organized mind. The obtainable power therein is quite immense.

Think about it, when you talk about developed nations, one thing that you normally associate with those countries is usually the high level of organization that is witnessed there. Everything seems to work just fine as if on clockwork. No wonder those people there are also described as civilized.
Similarly, when you attend any well organized ceremony or occasion, you will surely agree with me that the difference between any organized function and a haphazard one is always so easy to spot.

From the seating arrangement, to the serving of foods, down to the closing moments, you will notice one thing: systemization. Everything looks easy and works as if it has already been pre-planned leaving you with a yearning feeling for a repeat performance quite unlike what is obtainable in an unorganized function where your only wish could be for the time to fly so that you will just go!

Systemization is the keyword. An organized mind is a systemized one and having an organized mind is actually your first step towards any desire for self improvement
Why is this so?

Of course, your mind is your power and when you are in total control of your mind, only then will you be able to start digging in into the interesting world of explorations, researches as well as making startling discoveries because all creations start from the mind and so to have a powerful mind then is then a must!

Remember, everything you have, all your worldly possession, all things you put so much value on can easily be taken away from you but not your mind. For this reason, it is imperative that you develop your mind because it is the only thing you have that can be really yours.

I have been mentioning develop your mind, organize your mind and so on and I believe you may be harboring the thoughts of asking me what then does it mean to have an organized mind?

Well, having organized mind simply means having the ability to control the thoughts that enter your mind and this can only be achieved through thinking and careful analyzing of what you think about.

You have to be able to control such thoughts in a systemized fashion so that you will be able to acquire the several benefits and thus become capable of scoring high in all your endeavors.

Now, let me proceed to mention some of those benefits awaiting you once you start aligning yourself and start thinking towards organized mind.

Benefits of having an organized mind
The following are the some of the major benefits which you can avail to yourself once you are able to control the thoughts that enter your mind.

Ability to plan ahead
Planning ahead is so important most especially in our world today where uncertainty is fast becoming a certainty. Like the old saying goes, anything can happen!

But, no matter what happens, the person who has taken his time to plan ahead of time will always have a reason to be one or two steps ahead simply because he has been able to have a taste of the future and have also made the necessary arrangements plus sacrifice to accommodate for such unplanned events.

When your mind is organized, you know where you are going and may never need anybody to tell you how to go about your business again! You will be surely able to make good plans and also make arrangements on how to avoid some unavoidable mistakes that might spring up from nowhere to bungle your best made plans.

You see, one nice thing with planning ahead of time is that you will surprisingly find out that people will always suspect that you have some inside information and because people are always intrigued by mysteries, and that will even make them to start respecting you some more.

Goal setting
Similar to making plans is also the advantage of goal setting which organized mind can give to you. You will agree with me that when you set goals for yourself, you find it easy to achieve greater things than when you don't even consider setting those goals.

Thus, setting of goals is a must for someone who is success-conscious between the ease with which you realize your goals will tell you how much well or poor you are doing in your efforts to make your situation better.
The goals you set will always serve as a guiding light which will always guide you towards where you want to be.

I must mention at this point that it is the devil is not in goal setting because anybody could do that c rather it is always in the implementing the goals you've set for yourself.

One funny noticeable thing about us as people is that most of us are more into talking than doing. We easily forget the doing part simply because it is usually the part where the difficulties lies. And many people love to quit but quitters are hardly celebrated.

Persistence, which is a result of organized thinking, is what we all need to achieve our set goals. This is simply because if you don't make that effort, no matter how difficult it might seem at that moment, the chances of your making it will always tend to zero!

And power of persistence itself is one of the added benefits of having an organized mind!

Organized mind is a very efficient tool for making one efficient. When you have an organized mind through systemized controlled thinking, you will be able to know, separate as well as do the things that require immediate attention from those that will not require our immediate attention.

Given the same time and resources, an efficient person will be able to produce or deliver more simply because he is able to make that distinction and also make plans on how to go about each task involved in the whole assignment. Simply put, organized mind makes your work appear easy!

Having an organized mind will also increase your efficiency because it will also afford you the opportunity to be able to break up any big task into smaller bits and organize them in such a way as to avoid all the unnecessary problems that might come up and also achieve so much within the shortest time frame. This is what I call mental division of labor.

And talking about time frame, do I need to remind you that your efficiency will also help you a lot by freeing up your time and as such provide you with the much needed time for leisure? Imagine the happiness that lies in stock for you in the process!

Objective thinking
Organized mind involves thinking but sometimes, one of the biggest problems that people have in their thinking is that most of us want to always see things as we want them to be rather than seeing them as they really are!
Making that simple differentiation can be quite difficult because we tend to bring in lots and lots of bias into our judgments but it is not supposed to be that way.

As someone with organized mind, you will easily find out that your thinking pattern towards solving any particular problem that is facing you will become objective. You will be able to look at the problem from more than one side รข€“ in fact, from so many angles such that you will be able to discover several ways of going about with the solution. That is exactly one of the ways in which so many discoveries have been made in the past, and so many will still made in the future, hopefully by who else but you!

Control over distractions and destroy bad habits
Many things in this life distract us. It could be thoughts about money and our financial problems. It could be our relationships and it could be thoughts about loved ones. It could also be academic or unemployment problems.
Recently, our everyday entertainments like music, TVs and even the internet have also joined the ranks of our top distractions. I cannot forget in a haste to add social networking, narcotic drugs and the big one which is pornography as also part of our major daily distraction and as the days go by, more and more people continue to fall into those traps which they find it so hard to escape from.

These distractions are like what magicians call misdirection. They are the 'tricks' which magicians use one hand to make us think of another thing without actually seeing the things his other hand thus giving us the trick effect in the end.

This effect can be so confusing to the extent that sometimes, the best thing you can do is just to submit to those suggestions. Sometimes we fail to recognize those traps and the dangers that are associated with them simply because they come to us as mere suggestions.

They can be so mild that they can pass as unnoticeable and that is also why the damages they do to us are equally unnoticeable until a pattern is completely set and permanently etched onto our consciousness at which point it becomes so hard for us to break free.

But it is not supposed to be that way. I have some good news for you.
Do you believe that once you have acquired an organized mind by controlling the thoughts that filter into your mind, you can easily break free?

Oh yes. Once you are able to see things clearly for yourself through the eyes of your organized mind, you will immediately be able and ready to remind yourself whenever you wish that "enough is enough".

Improve your memory
Organizing your mind will certainly help you in improving your memory. Memory people complain that they find it so easy to forget things but that is usually because they have poor memories and they are not yet ready to do anything about it towards improving their memory.

When you are in charge of your mind through controlled thoughts, you will find it easier to remember things you choose to remember, no doubts.

This is usually because you have been able to systemize your thoughts in such a way that you can easily call up thing you want to remember from your long term memory onto your short term memory as situation demands. And the beauty of doing this is that you will be able to do this anytime you want because you have acquired a trained memory which will help you overcome any form of forgetfulness that might have been disturbing you in the past.

And that my friend, is the power of organized mind.

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