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How to Become A Star Student

There is always that student or students in the class whom we all envy. We just want to be like him or her. Somehow, we have come to recognize this particular student as a star. We also want to be such a star too but we find out that it seems that we can’t be like this person no matter what we do.

Sometimes the reason why it seems so impossible to be like this star student is simply because of our own inhibitions. There are things that we already believe in, things we think we can or cannot do which in one way or the other is blocking or interfering with our ability of becoming a star student.

In this discussion that will follow, I will try to identify some of the simplest ways through which any student can easily become a star student. As you will soon find out, they are really so simple and very very easy to do.

Are you with me? Okay, let’s go. These are some of the ways through which you can become a star student.

Ask questions in the class
This is very simple to do. Always try to ask questions in the class. Ask intelligent questions. Ask thought provoking questions. Ask questions that seek to enlighten and benefit everyone in the class. Avoid asking those questions you already know their answers only that you are just asking them to show off. Ask questions when you don’t understand the concepts being raised or discussed in the class.

It surprises me when the teacher or lecturer calls for questions and even though there are so many grey areas that you didn’t get at all or so well, you still sit down there in your seat and continue to wallow in your ignorance and timidity because you don’t want to be known in the class as that student who does not understand whereas you can just seize that very opportunity to enlighten yourself as well as the others who didn’t get the point too by asking that question – and of course, paving your way towards becoming a star student in the process.

I know that you don’t want to be embarrassed. You don’t want the lecturer to mark you out as a difficult student. You are the shy type who cannot speak in front of others. You prefer asking your fellow students such questions rather than asking them yourself. You might even tell another student to ask the question for you. In fact, you don’t want to become known in the class but think about it for a while.

Deep within you, you are not happy because you know you have always wanted to be a star student but then how on earth are you going to become one if you continue to allow your timidity to rule your actions?

So decide now to start asking questions in your class. As long as you are listening effectively and paying attention in the class or you are a hardworking student who has been doing some real studies and does not joke with his or her assignments or homework, you will always find interesting and intelligent questions to ask.

Dress well and wear clean clothes
This is a very simple one to miss. Learn how to dress well in the class. This is a very simple way of getting that attention you want towards making you a star student.

Take good care of how you look. Make sure you are very presentable. You may not know it but the truth is that people are usually judging you from the first impression you made with them, even so many years after it happened.

Even though in this age where we are so into crazy fashion sense with a lot of madness being pushed across as fashion, please bear in mind that as a sensible student, you don’t have to dress in anything so elaborate.

Make sure your clothes are clean. Make sure your dressing does not border along the lines of nudity, immorality, or indecent exposure. Believe me, other students will surely come to see you as a star student.

Make friends with so many people
As humans, we are social beings. Schooling is all about exposure. While in school, it is your utmost duty as a student to make friends with as so many people as possible.

Some people got very lucrative jobs they have today simply because of the friend network they established while in school, just to show you how important it is that you make friends with people.

When you are friends with so many people, these are some of the benefits you might get from doing that. You will find it easier to get people who will help you in one way or the other. You will find it easier to study and understand people with their various and varying behaviors and this is a very special skill to acquire if you really want to succeed in life. Let us not forget that you will surely become a star student also.

So, I think it’s time for you to come out of your shell. Drop that Big-boy, Big-girl attitude and start building up your friendship network right now because it pays.

But remember, you have to be careful how you go about making friends because there are friends and there are friends and some friends will only lead you into nothing but temptation and troubles so be wise.

This means that you should be more interested in getting those friends with whom you will share some mutual benefits.


Become outspoken
Yes, you have to become outspoken. You have to become someone whom others listen to. You don’t necessarily have to go about this by shouting others down and preventing their opinions to be heard. You just have to be ready to give your own opinion when it is required.

Don’t shy away from doing this. People are watching you and they are interested in knowing how you feel and what you will say concerning the issue at hand.

Being outspoken will also let others know that you are an all-round and experienced student who is operating on a level of knowledge and awareness higher than the ordinary school standards.

If you are a male student and you have been "eyeing" one or two female students for quite some time and you don’t know what to do again, listen let me let you in on one secret now, becoming outspoken is very attractive to women because it shows you as a leader and someone who commands respect.

Try it and see.

Get involved in other extracurricular activities
This is very important. It is often said that some people pass through the school without letting the school pass through them. If this is about to be your case, then you should watch it.

Get involved in some of your school’s extracurricular activities. Join some debate, skills development, writing, entrepreneurial, and discussion classes or clubs. Get involved in certain sporting activities that you find interesting. Join some religious organizations that will help you develop your mind spiritually.

Don’t just seat on the sidelines. Get involved. Don’t be afraid to get involved because you don’t want to lead or to be criticized. Leadership and fearlessness are among the qualities of a star student.

Remember, no matter how great you think you are, no one will know that you are great because people are only remembered for what they did.

It’s time for you to start doing that something. You will surely become a star student in the process.

Improve your grades by working very hard
The last but not the least, remember that this is one of the main reasons why you are even in the school in the first place.

In your bid to become a star student, don’t forget that one of the easiest way to accomplish this is by improving your grades by working very hard.

Become a hard working student and not a hardly working student. Try and get your grades correct. Attack your assignments with fervor and determination as soon as it is given. Don’t let your school work compile. Strive for the highest grades and learn how to score high in your exams.

All these will make your success look so easy and attractive to so many other students.

Other students will surely come to see you as an authority in that field and so many of them will be seeking you out for your help and friendship.

There are lots and lots of benefits and advantages waiting for you in there that you can exploit, most especially, if you are a business minded student.

You can thank me later.



  1. I want to be a star student..I would really like to suprise myself..i'll put ur tips into pratice wen i get to school.i'm a fresher.Thanks

  2. You're welcome Valerie.

    I'm so glad you've made that decision. Don't just surprise yourself. Surprise all of us. Surprise the world, okay?

    You have my support. My full support.

    God bless you in all your endeavors.

    Emmy Boy



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