Thursday, October 13

10 Things You MUST Do While Still In School

Listen. I have to tell you the truth. It is the bitter truth. I know it might not go down so well with you but then, it must be told.

So many people didn’t learn about this truth. Today, so many are still suffering as a result of that. I don’t want that to be your portion. Which is why I have decided to say it not minding how unsettling this information might be to you.

So are you ready to hear this truth?

Okay, now listen.


I know that some of us will feel like arguing against this bitter truth. I know some of us will like to come up with points or facts that prove that I am so wrong with this timely ‘revelation’ I just made.

But I am also glad that some of us are already aware of this fact.

Yes, school is wasting your time... our time!

For your own sake, please, don’t try to argue with me or resist this information. In fact, if I were you, instead of trying to argue, I will simply be asking the next question.

Which is: what do you say we do then?


Once you recognize a problem, the solution is almost around the corner. So let’s agree that we have now recognized that school is wasting our time.

The next thing on our minds now should be what then do we do?

So if you have asked this question, this is what you should do—while you are still in school. At the end of my discussion, I will tell you why you should do these things.

So, stay with me, okay?


Alright, these are some of the things you should do—or be doing—while you are still in school.

Perfect a skill
Do you have any skill at all? Some of do. Some of us don’t. Some of us don’t know for sure.

Well, that’s not a problem.

Just dig deep into yourself and ask yourself this: what really gives me joy? What type of activity or activities do I really enjoy partaking in?

Once you do this, I’m sure you’ll most certainly discover something about yourself.

That or those very things could be your talents.

Next thing is to perfect them.

And that’s how you perfect a skill.

Skill may not necessarily be a talent. Again, you can copy from someone. There are many skills out there that you can adopt. I’m talking about skills like writing of course, computer programming, The point is to find a way of making yourself busy and productive because those skills you manage to learn today, you will later fall back upon tomorrow.

Don’t make any excuses. Don’t say I’ll do all that but let me graduate first.


Start today. Don’t contribute to your own demise with that disgusting procrastination habit. In fact, you will notice that the rest of the things I will be discussing next all fall within the premises of perfecting a skill.

Become computer literate
This is a must. We are in computer age. Everything... almost everything now is accomplished by computer. From e-commerce to entertainment to learning to social networking. Everything!

Computers have taken over, believe it or not. It’s either you ride or die.

So get yourself adequately equipped for the next challenge in your career life by becoming computer literate today.

You are even in luck if you start today because computers are becoming cheaper these days and learning tutorials that will get you started are becoming more available too.

I won’t be spending much time or laying too much emphasis on why you should become computer literate now.

I believe the truth is out there for those who really want to see it.

Read 100 financial books
Reading financial books will definitely teach you one or two things you never knew about how to start and run a business.

Your school textbooks may help you get good grades in school but your financial knowledge will help you survive after school.

Hence, you also need to equip yourself with financial knowledge when you start reading financial books.

Financial books are not necessarily going to be talking about balancing accounts and all that or inundating you with so many statistics or figures.

There are good financial books out there that can teach you what you really need to know in form of stories and life/personal experiences.

I’m talking about books like The Richest Man in Babylon, Rich Dad; Poor Dad, Speedwealth, etc.

Those three books are my favourite and I duly recommend them for anyone interested simply because they explain financial knowledge in the simplest way anyone can easily get it. These books contain some valuable nuggets of financial knowledge that will teach you almost all what you need to know about money and business, most especially when you are just starting out.

Write a business plan
A business plans just like every other plan. It has been repeated over and over that for you to achieve anything meaningful, you need to have a plan. It is always a good idea to have a plan when you are starting your business.

This plan will always serve as a guide on how you run your show.

It will also and always serve as check on how much progress you are making in your business, from time to time.

A basic business plan doesn’t necessarily have to be cumbersome. You can make it as simple as anything.

Just note down your plans. Note than how you wish to implement them. Note down what things you might need to get your business running. And so on...

The importance of writing a business proposal is that your business plan will enable you to see a bigger picture of what you intend to do.

So, make a plan.

Write it down first... and then watch as it miraculously starts to materialize.

Start a business
This is just another way of saying you should become an entrepreneur. You will agree with me that this is the one spot most of our schools are getting it wrong. This is one problem I have with our current school systems.

Little or no emphasis is made on entrepreneurial studies. Why give students facts about so many things in life without teaching them the basic fact about how to survive financially in the world that awaits them after graduation?

This is so wrong but don’t make it even worse by saying that all of us cannot be entrepreneurs because that’s a very fat lie!

We all can be entrepreneurs!

Unless you want me to believe that you can never come up with any idea at all, then I should be asking you why are you such a retard who cannot even come up with at least one good idea while he’s in school?

Look, I get it. Whenever people hear about entrepreneurship, they start thinking about Dangote or Mark Zuckerberg.

No. We all are not adapted to become the next Dangote or Mark Zuckerberg. Nobody expects you to be that so stop with all those pressure you are putting yourself in. But then, what we all can do is to come up with some ideas.

It doesn’t matter if such ideas become a multibillion dollar idea in the future or not. What really matters is that they are ideas that can be implemented.

Remember, no one knows whether an idea is going to be big or not.

But we still go ahead and put it out there.

Because that’s what entrepreneurship is really all about—coming up with ideas, and then marketing as well...  implementing them!

Read up to 1000 novels
So many of our youths don’t read novels. This is so bad because they are missing out from loads and loads of very important information stored inside the pages of those books.

Novels are strictly stories about people and their various experiences in life. So when you pick a novel to read, I can guarantee you that you are actually reading the story of someone.

Since we are all learning in this life, it also follows that you increase your knowledge—and wisdom, of course—when you read about other peoples’ lives.

The good thing about novels is that you are still being entertained in the process.

Don’t you think that it will be a good idea if by the time you are graduating from your school, that while you have spent four to five years of your lifetime in the school, that you are actually graduating with more than 1000 years worth of experience about life?

Think about it.

Besides, reading will also help you immensely in the next task I’m going to talk about which is:

Write a book
Many of us make that mistake of thinking that we are not suited to be writers but that’s a very big lie—or should I say a very perfect excuse—to avoid doing what we already know we could do.

Why do I say so?

Yes. If you can talk, then you can write. If you can think, then you can write. This is simply because writing is nothing but a way of us recording our thoughts and speech on a paper—probably for someone else to read.


Oh yeah.

Your next question now should be, what do I write then?


You can write about yourself. You can write about your life in school. You can write about your struggles. You can write about your family, write about your friends, write about your neighbors, write about your country, write about your dreams about the future. You can even write essays.


Remember, I’ve already told you why you should read so many novels. So if you are looking for ideas on how to start writing, then you can freely copy some ideas from some of those novels and write them in your own words.

Don’t be afraid to do that. We are all copying from another person in one way or the other. The main thing is to copy smartly.

You can take two ideas from two novels and mix them together. You can take a novel that you read but didn’t like it’s ending or one or two things about it and write it in your own way that will suit you. You can do so many things. The bottom line is that you are keeping yourself busy while training your thinking faculty at the same time.

Believe it or not, writing can be a very refreshing career. Some of us may already have latent writing capabilities but we’ve never bothered to exploit them.

So start today.

Make sure that by the time you are graduating from that school, you must have also written (and possibly published) at least one book.

Run a blog
Do you have a blog?



Well, what will I do with a blog?

Alright, listen, let me now tell you some of the things you can do with a blog.

A blog can be your personal journal. A blog can you your own way of teaching or communicating your ideas to the world like I’m communicating to you right now with this blog.

A blog can be your own way of expressing your freedom of speech. A blog can be your own way of giving back to the society. A blog can be a means for you to market your ideas or other peoples’ ideas.

Yes, as you and I know, a blog can be your own way of earning some income and supporting yourself financially.

Starting a blog is even easier. You can use Blogger to blog. You can start with WordPress. You can even use Facebook to blog. Just make your decision today. Decide on what you want to be discussing about and then get to it.

Share your thoughts and ideas because it’s a free world!

Your writing a blog can be so similar to writing a book. So all those things you could write about in a book, you can also write about them in your blog.

Blogs are quite interactive because your readers can also share their thoughts about the points you raised in your blog which is why communicating through a blog is considered to be very powerful and more direct.

So, go and start your own blog. You can do your researches on how to start a blog. It doesn’t cost much. In fact, depending on the type of blog you want to run, it may not even cost you anything—apart from your time—to start!

So get started today, okay?

Make sure that when you are graduating from school, you can also point to one or two blogs of your own as your own personal accomplishments.

I think that’s cool.

Learn another language
This is one basic skill I wish someone told me about even way back in secondary schools.

Learning a new language is so important in our dynamic world today because no one knows tomorrow and you don’t know where you might end up tomorrow.

You may find yourself in a foreign locality or country that speaks a different language. How will you cope then?

It is also a known fact that learning a new language also improves ones thinking and memory. Thus, you are doing yourself so much favor when you learn a new language because you are making yourself smarter in the process.

Besides, it’s always fun when you know that you can easily mesmerize others by suddenly launching into another language they never knew you could speak.

Luckily for you, learning a new language has just got easier. Websites that teach such for free abound. It’s just a matter of you showing some interest and dedication and before you know it, you have just added another language to your kitty.

It’s fun, trust me.

And the last, but not the least...

Earn 100,000 Naira from your ideas
You need to be able to do this, if not for anything, but to prove to yourself that you can do it.

As a business man, you should be ready to earn from your efforts so start channeling your mental energy and time and effort on how to earn from your work.

A popular rapper once said: if it doesn’t make dollars; it doesn’t make sense. I kind of agree with him because money in its simplest definition is the easiest identification of all your efforts.

So make sure you can earn with your ideas and effort.

As a student, you should learn to engage yourself in certain profitable businesses that will help you realize this noble goal.

One thing you will definitely find out, once you discover that you can earn; you will also discover that you can as well multiply your earnings by multiplying your efforts.

Do your researches. Try to find out small businesses that any interested student can engage or involve himself with.

There are so many ways you could achieve this ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND NAIRA goal. For instance, you could learn how to sell your ideas. You could write an eBook. You could earn through Fiverr and Upwork. You could write articles and post them on Hubpages. You could make videos and put them on YouTube. You could sign up for and put Google AdSense on your blog. You could join affiliate business, etc.

In fact, I will be talking about some of these business opportunities in details in my upcoming posts so watch out for them.

Believe it or not, there’s joy in feeling financially independent—from asking your parents for something like money every other time.

But first, you need to start doing it now to know what I am talking about.

So that’s it. To be frank with you, these are some of the things I wish someone told me when I was about to enter school.

Now you have been equipped so you cannot say you were not told or you were not aware of the fact that there are so many other things you could be doing while you are still in school.

Don’t say or think you will still have the time to start doing them when you eventually graduate because trust me, by the time you graduate, you are surely going to be facing a totally different and turbulent world.

This is one secret the school will never tell you nor prepare you for but I’m doing it for you now because I want us to create a better future for our future generation.

I am sure that when you do all or most of these things, by the time you are graduating from school, you are already and truly an all-round student!

Oh, I almost forgot...

Well, this is mainly for the guys...

Get a girlfriend


Hmm... look at this young man? Are you really asking me that? Wait... tell me the truth, did you ask anybody why when they told you to go to school? Now, you are asking me why I said you should get a girlfriend.

Alright. Go ahead. Do what you like. But don’t come back in the future to start complaining that you don’t understand women at all.

In short, let me tell you gospel truth. Wait... I hope your parents are not around, huh?


Alright, listen.

Frankly speaking, if I am presented with the choice of either getting a girlfriend or going to school, I won’t lie to you, but I will choose getting a girlfriend ten million times.


Of course, it’s more fun.

But now you have a better choice because you can do both: go to school and get a girlfriend.

Double fun, ha?

You bet!

Which is exactly what I have been trying to say all along, right?!

Ha ha ha!

Well, I’m sure you do get my point. You can still be in school and still get to make yourself very productive.

After all, that’s exactly what makes you an all-rounder!

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