Thursday, October 13

10 Things You MUST Do While Still In School

Listen. I have to tell you the truth. It is the bitter truth. I know it might not go down so well with you but then, it must be told.

So many people didn’t learn about this truth. Today, so many are still suffering as a result of that. I don’t want that to be your portion. Which is why I have decided to say it not minding how unsettling this information might be to you.

So are you ready to hear this truth?

Okay, now listen.


I know that some of us will feel like arguing against this bitter truth. I know some of us will like to come up with points or facts that prove that I am so wrong with this timely ‘revelation’ I just made.

But I am also glad that some of us are already aware of this fact.

Yes, school is wasting your time... our time!

For your own sake, please, don’t try to argue with me or resist this information. In fact, if I were you, instead of trying to argue, I will simply be asking the next question.

Which is: what do you say we do then?


Once you recognize a problem, the solution is almost around the corner. So let’s agree that we have now recognized that school is wasting our time.

The next thing on our minds now should be what then do we do?

Thursday, April 21

Setting Your Goals Right

Last time, we talked about setting your goals and its importance towards having a successful future.

Today, I’m going to set you on the path of realizing those goals. I will do this by outlaying the simple process involved starting from setting your own goals to realizing those goals.

So if you are ready, without wasting any more of your time, let’s launch into the process now.

First, for a reminder…

What is a goal?
Let us simply define a goal as something (like a desire) you want to achieve. It can also be said to be at the score that results from doing something.

Wednesday, January 27

My Goal as An Undergraduate

Setting goals is a very effective way of getting ahead in life. Realizing those goals makes one feel alive. In every human endeavor, goals are very important because they serve as checks and balances towards our success and achievement as humans.

Sadly, so many people don’t realize this importance of setting goals. They just ‘go with the flow’ without any form of planning while forgetting that he who fails to plan plans to fail.

As an undergraduate, it is sad to find out to so many of my colleagues do not have any well defined set goals which they are working towards. It's disheartening when you discover that most of us, think that the only reason why we are in school is jut to make good grades and maybe hopefully, get a good job after graduation but the way I see it, it goes much beyond that.

Tuesday, October 14

Questions for Undergraduates

In our today’s world, there is something going on in our country (and in so many other countries around the world too) that is very chilling. Something is very wrong somewhere. And very scary too. It has something to do with undergraduates, majorly…

What could this thing be? Any ideas anyone…?

Of course, don’t look far. It is the fact that more and more undergraduates are finding it very difficult to get a job once they graduate.

Unemployment is the problem. A very big problem. It is very scary but it is the reality.

So what could actually be the problem? Why is it that so many of our youths are unemployed?

Does it mean that our undergraduates are not skilled or qualified enough? Or does it mean that there are no jobs at all to satisfy the needs of millions of graduates who are dumped into the labor market year in year out? Or does it mean that our government has completely lost it and has ran out of ideas on what to do and the necessary or right steps to take to arrest this cumbersome and worrisome development?

Thoughts like this have been bothering me for quite some time and it is the same thought that has spurred me into taking up my pen to write my inner thoughts down.

I knew I had to do this because it was kind of shocking to me when I realized that a greater part of the problem lies with the individual himself.

Try to deny this as much as you want.

Tuesday, May 28

How To Develop A Very Good Memory

The importance of developing a powerful memory cannot be overemphasized. It might seem as if students in schools are the ones that should benefit more from developing their memory because of their academic activities but it goes further than that because in reality everyone, and I mean everyone, should develop a powerful memory.


Good question. Just think about it, everything you have today, everything you know, your family members and loved ones, everything you are today, what you are doing now, where you want to go, the things that brings you happiness and joy, the money in your bank account, the things that make you cry,  all the things that make you who you are today are just a function of your memory!


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