You are welcome. As you will soon find out, this site is indeed a different type of school.

The purpose of this site is to equip many students and turn them into an all-round student with so many potentials simply by bringing to their immediate awareness most of those basic things they surely need to know and/or do to score high or succeed in all areas of your academic lives while they are still in school and also after they must have graduated from school – those types of things that are hardly taught in school!

Since the school system is mainly concerned with preparing the students on how to take and pass examinations, it leaves a lot of gap for some of those other basic knowledge which is even more important for the student to survive in this life!

But the big, disturbing and yet unanswered question is the question of the usefulness of writing and passing all those exams if at the end of the day the student is still unable to become useful to himself and the larger society while in school and also after graduation?

Many of our students are completely unaware of the big challenge ahead of them and what really goes on in the real life after school in terms of searching for jobs, fending for ourselves, surviving financially; raising a family – the hard and rough hustle out there…

Recognize where our greatest problem is coming from. Our general mentality has been that of make a good grade, graduate, get a job in one powerful oil company or bank or something like that, and then maybe get married, and…life is made!

Because we operate on such mindset which myopically assumes that everything will work out just fine according to plans, most of us fail to make plans of what will happen if things don’t go according to plans – and usually they don’t.

Nothing about entrepreneurship which naturally leads to self sufficiency is taught and even if it is mentioned, it is normally mentioned in passing without much emphasis on its significance or importance in our today’s society tied to it. Creativity and innovation are not part of the students’ scheme of work!

No way! Like one of my lecturers use to tell us then - “just give me (in the exam) what I gave you (in my lectures)!”

We are only concerned with passing our exams anyhow and getting a certificate in the end; anyhow! Too bad, if you ask me.


Most of our students will later though painfully and regretfully, find out after graduation that it is a different ball game out there with no wonderful ready-made job waiting for them and some of them start to wish that they wished they knew what they should be doing…or should have done. Our students are not equipped with the right skills to prepare for life after graduation hence the increasing rate of unemployment in Nigeria and many other places in the world.

 And when we finally graduate, we find out that we have left it rather too late!

But that is not to say it is too late for anyone to start – once you have the right information!

And that is exactly what this site is all about – giving students the right information.

Making the very best use of this site
Although, much emphasis will be laid on students who are currently in school spanning from secondary schools to tertiary institutions, one undeniable truth is that everybody is a student because life itself is a continuous learning process which means that we are always learning every day.

So don’t say that because you are not in school anymore, that means you are not among those this site is speaking to because no matter your stage in life, you still have something to learn.

To help build you into an all-round student, these five key areas will be used to create students who can always score high in all their endeavors.

First, you have to master how to become an excellent student while in school. To do this effectively, you will see some useful tips and guide in the studentadvisor. No matter your academic level, you will surely see some valuable piece of information that will guide you there.

The Entrepreneurship section is designed towards awakening in the student the idea and need for self sufficiency which will enable you start planning your success in life in time.

In the creativity section, students will be “forced” to start thinking towards becoming inventors and innovators. The game plan is to create an all-round student who will no longer be concerned with complaining about problems but rather someone who is taking advantage of the problems around by providing the much needed solutions.

Now most battles we face as people in this world is the battle of the mind. Success and failure are all created in the mind. The self empowerment or motivation section will help you help yourself by providing you with that much needed internal spark that will you will use to keep yourself up and doing as well as staying in constant tune with your success.

Because your success in life is also dependent on other people who will bring in so many opportunities as they come into your life, it is imperative that you MUST learn common sense with which you can deal with people effectively and achieve their maximum cooperation and help towards helping you succeed within and outside school.

Try to make meaning from those advice that you will see there. Recall that real power lies in the application of any knowledge you have acquired. So get ready to make the most of all the great ideas you will be exposed to on this site. 

It will be very important to also mention that the views which are expressed on this site are strictly my personal opinion on the issues and subject matter being discussed and are based on my own experience. 

In other words, the advice contained in this material might not be suitable for everyone. So readers are cautioned to rely on their own judgment about their individual circumstances to act accordingly. Therefore, you alone is responsible for what you do or don't do with the information.

The information expressed on this site is not intended for use as a source of educational advice. All readers are advised to seek services of competent professionals in educational field.


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